Butterfly, is definitely a character with a stage presence and can be accompanied by other characters of Lunar Invasions, or perform in trio with the Crystal Wings and, thanks to its ability to project images, videos and light games on the big wing, it becomes a performance in itself.

According to your requests we can customize the video and thus create a special feel reflecting Your event.

Live music is the best choice to accompany this majestic performance, alternatively we offer a playlist of original music and repertoire.

Depending on your needs and the type of location you can choose the best spot to place Butterfly; the installation takes up about 4 to 5 m3.

Space permitting, it can be positioned both inside and outside.

In low light conditions the Lunar Butterfly’s impressive wing span can be projected onto, creating a moving screen that will immediately grab attention. It’s perfect for displaying animated graphics, logos, promotions, and videos. The versatility of this unique projection surface means this act can work just as well at a product launch or promotional night club event, as it can at an elegant drinks reception or corporate party. The sky is the limit!