Parolabianca is a silent oracle, a fairy guru with a magical sphere full of riddle messages. e cards are customizable with your name, your brand, your logo, the date of the event or whatever you prefer.

During the exhibition Parolabianca o ers magical moments of pure poetry.

Guests can enjoy the performance at will, her presence is subtle and non-invasive.



e best time for Parolabianca performance is during the welcome drink, but you can t it anytime you wish. It is suitable indoor and outdoor.

To make the moment truly magical we suggest the use music, a strongly evocative sensorial aspect that adds magic to magic.

e evocative power of live music is the best choice to enhance the poetry inherent to Parolabianca.



Alternatively a playlist speci cally compiled to suit the event is another option.

For evening performances the luminescent costumes we use do not require professional lighting.

Give us a three or four weeks notice from the date of the event for personalized and branded messages.