This show is dedicated to those who believe they have seen everything but still want to live magical emotions and see a dream come true.

In this performance, Parolabianca’s white costume becomes the screen for a video projection that develops directly on the body of the dancer and captures all the surrounding environment: a wall or a neutral screen but also the interior of a building or street corner

The music, the light effects and the technology used lead an astounding show.

Parolabianca opens its oracle to the public and gives a message to anybody who wish to follow their dreams.

This unique video mapping show brings together fairytale costumes with stunning 3D visuals that are totally out of this world. Our White Oracle Video Mapping uses video projection on a white performer to create a mind-bending show where the character is immersed within and controlling a surreal world.

This totally unique video mapping act is centred around our Lunar Mime Character, a mystical, silent all-white performer with an absolutely stunning costume. Video projection on a performer has never before been done with such a wonderfully original costume which makes this one of a kind and very unique video mapping show really stand out.